Monday Night Snippets – Stockholm edition

Can I just say something up front?

I LOVE STOCKHOLM! Especially in the summer, of course. Stockholm makes sense in the winter, but it just shines in the summer. What a beautiful city.

I’ve been here twice before, but the first time was very brief and the second time was very busy. Today, I finally got to have a look at the city itself, taking the touristy cruise boats around the archipelago and getting off every now and then for a poke around.

A few happy snaps, if I may…..

Last time I was here, I showed you this photo to prove it…..

Well, Strandvagan is much nicer without my boof head in the way……

That was taken from inside the tourist boat, hence the reflections.

This is some of Stockholm’s priciest real estate, with apartments selling at around US$14,000 per square meter!

A toiletry bag with some lessons in Swedish design ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t get around to the front of this statue to see if it was, well, anatomically correct, nor to read any inscription describing what the statue was in honor of.

I suspect, however, that the inscription would have said “In honor of Barry Hogan, who in 1917, was the first Australian to tour Stockholm, steal a palace guards’ helmet and do a nude run on the front steps of the Royal Palace”

I have never claimed to be classy, but I am, at least, consistent.


Visitors to the Saab Festival, get ready for more of this……

The caption on Flickr says it’s a Saab 99 but I’m inclined to disagree and say 900. Here are some more photos of the interior and rear of the car.


Question – does the Saab 9-2 name carry too much baggage from the Saab 9-2x of several years ago? Must that car be called a 92 if it comes to pass?

My theory – only hardcore Saab owners and some automotive journalists even know the 9-2x existed. If a potential new smaller Saab is good enough, it will overcome any potential baggage.

The question arises from this article at The Telegraph, where VM has been talking small Saabs once again, and the likelihood of a new Saab hatchback.

So will we be buying the farm on making a hatchback model for the US markets where we sold maybe 20,000 900 models a year, or will we opt for a saloon? I let you draw your own conclusions, but this is a subject we are looking at now.

Build it and we will come…….

Tomorrow we head south. In a rented VW.

And can I pass on this SU top tip: If you’re thinking of renting a car in Sweden, picking it up in one city and then dropping it off in another – DON’T!

I’m going to have to sell a kidney to fund this trip ๐Ÿ™‚

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