More photos of that Saab 92 – including interior

Earlier today I posted – in a hurry – about the excellent Saab 92 restoration done buy a young guy in Denmark by the name of Jacob T.

I’ve now dug up a few more photos from my collection, including shots of the Saab 9-3 seats he installed in the car. These shots were taken during the big car show on Saturday at the 2010 Saab Festival.

Click to enlarge….

The front seats, which are the leather/textile combination, slotted straight into the car. They’re a little cosy at the shoulder, but site quite well and required no modifications to bolt into the floor.

The rear seat has been taken from a 9-3 as well, but had to be modified to fit within the width of the rear space in the 92.

Again, this is one sensational piece of work from a very industrious young man. I’m told he’s now bought a VW Caravelle and he and his mates plan travelling around Europe. I wonder what sort of modifications they’ll make to that before they go?!

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