Old Saab print ads from Sweden

Our friends over at New Salem Saab in Albany, NY, have sent through some photos of some old Saab ads they’ve retrieved from the archives (I have some more great old photos from them coming up, too).

These are genuine old Saab ads, featuring the Philipsons logo from the Swedish company that placed the first orders for Saab cars (orders without which Saab probably wouldn’t have gone ahead as a car manufacturer).

They’re a tiny bit fuzzy and in Swedish, but I hope you’ll still understand and enjoy.

This first one is one of those showing the versatility of the car, with Father, Mother and Son bedding down for the night in their Saab 96.

This second one is quite topical as it features the Rally to the Midnight Sun, which will start in the middle of this month, with two cars from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team making up some of the field.


Thanks again to Darryl at New Salem Saab for passing them on.

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