Saab 9-5 launch Netherlands, arrival in UK

More Saab 9-5 dealer launches were held over the weekend, this time in the Netherlands.

Photo by Nic. More here. Additional photos by Stephan. More here.

These photos were taken by several Dutch Saab nuts who attended the dealership in Tilburg, where a great crowd turned out to look over the car.

I’m told the order books were closed during the launch day, but that perhaps as many as 10 orders were received in the days leading up to the launch.

Fantastic news!

Other photos from Joep via email. Thanks!


The Dutch aren’t the only ones getting a look at the new 9-5.

Robin M headed down to his local dealership in Yeovil, where they unloaded this new 9-5 from the trailer over the weekend.

The UK dealer launch events are commencing later this week, on July 8.

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