Saab Festival 2010 begins today!!

It’s festival time!

The Mrs and I have been running around Sweden pretty busily already, but I’ve had to warn her that today it all kicks up a notch. We leave for the drive to Trollhattan in about an hour and I can’t wait to get there. Wall-to-wall Saabs and people.

Mattias has been getting things ready, with Saab Support Convoy stickers and some themed clothing for his kiddies…..

Today is going to be very busy at the Saab Museum, with presentations regarding the new Saab 9-5, the Mille Miglia and Spyker Cars. And then there’s the big event for the evening, the arrival of the Midnight Sun rally cars from around 4:30 onwards.

Away from the Museum, there are also exhibitions and demonstrations at ANA, the big Saab dealer in Trollhattan, as well as Trollspeed, the local Saab tuners.

It’s breakfast, then we’re hitting the road!

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