Saab Festival Attendees – drive the new Saab 9-5!

Here’s an opportunity for those of you here in Trollhattan.

Graeme Lambert is a journo from England and he’s just left the following in comments. It’s an opportunity you may want to take advantage of. Not only do you get to drive the new Saab 9-5, you can also have your voice in a real life review.

Hi All,

For those that don’t know me i’m a journalist here in the UK for Auto Express Magazine. I’m also a bit of a Saab enthusiast…

Anyway, I’m attending the festival to write a feature for the mag. One of the things I need for the feature is to get some enthusiasts behind the wheel of a new 9-5 and get their impressions of it. So I should have a 9-5 for the weekend (to be fully confirmed yet) and I’ll be staying at the Swania so i’ll try to get along to the [SU Meetup].

Hopefully some of you guys will be willing to give up 15-20mins of your time on the Saturday to drive the car and talk to me. The more varied the background the better (i.e Swedish, American, European, British, new Saab owner, vintage saab owner, saab worker, saab mechanic, saab salesmen etc).

See you all there.


I hope as many of you as possible will take the opportunity and enjoy it.

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