Saab Festival update #1

We’ve finally made it to Trollhattan for the festival. The weather is not on our side as yet. There’s light rain falling but it hasn’t dampened anyone’s spirits here.

I dropped off my rental car at ANA, the main Saab dealer here in Trollhattan, which is also the AVIS depot here. Whilst I was picking up my Saab loaner, I ran into a few craaazy Dutchies online mates from the Dutch Saab forum/club/whatever……. some of the guys who helped put together the original Saab Support Convoy.

They very kindly endowed me with a few very nice goodies (more on those later) as well as some signage for my loaner Saab 9-3x:


I just sat in on a presentation from Peter Backstrom about the Mille Miglia, in which Saab ran two cars driven by Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson.

The overall impressions:

  • Contentions that the run was flawless for both cars are subject to your definition of the word “flawless”, but they both did incredibly well.
  • The MIlle Miglia organisation makes every attempt it can to hoover your wallet empty, but it’s still worth every cent.
  • The food in Italy is sensational.
  • The event was a total success for Saab in terms of coverage received, and there may be more Mille MIglia action next year, including a third entry (subject to entries being accepted by the MM organisers).


The Midnight Sun Rally started today, as well. Live scoring from the event indicates that both of the Saabs United Historic Rally Team cars are running well.

I’ll be posting some video very soon on the SUHRT website.


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