Saab Festival Update #3 – parts for sale!

The big feature today at the Saab Festival has been the parts sale at ANA Begagnade Delar, formerly known as the SDCC sale.

Once again, the crowd was huge and they were waiting well before the gates actually opened up to the public.

Those of you who have attended this sale in the past will notice that it’s in a different venue to where it’s been held in the past. It may appear smaller, but that’s only because it was actually spread over three different buildings this time.

The most familiar sights were seen by the crowd above, who entered a hall full of crates holding bargain after bargain.

As a point of reference, let me tell you now that SEK100 is the equivalent of 15.6 Australian dollars, around 13 US dollars, 10.5 Euro and nearly 9 quid sterling.

Naturally, I’ve got plenty of photos to make you jealous 🙂 . I actually felt like buying some things simply because they were there – like the brand new automatic gearboxes for the NG900 selling for just SEK1,500 (A$225).

These pistons were selling for just SEK50 each! They were selling 1:43 scale model cars for more!

Here are some 9-3 steering wheels, with and without woodgrain and minus the airbag, for SEK1,000.

There seemed to be a lot of Saab 9000 stuff this time around. These speakers were selling for just SEK150 a pair…..

…. and these exhaust parts were just SEK350 a piece:

Pristine indicator clusters for peanuts…..

Rear quarter panels for a 900 coupe for SEK300!!!

I can almost hear you now – “Hardly anyone drives a 900 coupe!”

Well, how about 900hatch rear quarters for the same money, then?

New 9-3 headlamps were going for SEK1,000 each

They even sold this display engine, used as a model for display in Saab buildings in the past. It went very quickly, for SEK5,000

There were dashboard upgrades everywhere for SEK500….

….and there were official Saab manuals and other publications everywhere, too. I have 4 or 5 photos just like this one. Prices, models and languages were varied…

The line to check out in this building were huge. I waited 45 minutes to buy three shirts (SEK100 each!). Here’s a photo of me in line from the local paper, also showing the man behind the parts sale, Alf Persson.


Out in the car park, this guy rolled up with a big trailer full of parts and held a sale of his own. Cheeky.


And next door to the main building, there were wheels and tyres for sale, as well as complete interiors for cars, including one interior exactly the same as my Monte Carlo!


I don’t have any photos from the third section of the sale, but that was a Pick-a-Part type operation, with cars available for people to come and get the parts they require off them.

There were plenty of guys hauling toolboxes and wrench sets into this facility when I first arrived.


In many ways, the parts sale is the real commencement of the Saab Festival. There are seminars, etc, the day before, but the parts sale is the first big, focused gathering point for Saab Enthusiasts and the crowds seem to swell, along with the number of unique Saabs present, as a result.

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