Saab negotiating Chinese distribution are carrying a story today, about Saab distribution in China.

The newspaper states that Saab are looking at a model where they might contract with several different distributors to handle importation and sales in different areas of the country.

Victor Muller via Googletrans:

– It is certainly not inconceivable that there will be a combination of multiple choice. China is so large and has in some ways more than one market, so it is possible that we will be working with multiple partners.

He says negotiations are under way with actors that are active throughout China. But in the end it may be that the contractual arrangements with different actors, each is particularly strong in the three metropolitan areas of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Whilst Saab already has a relationship in China with BAIC, it’s not a certainty that they’ll be part of the deal at this point.


I know many of you are still anxious about distribution in your country, just like we are here in Australia.

Hopefully there might be some good news coming soon. It’s my understanding that Saab does have deadlines to meet with regards to taking over distribution or having arrangements in place.

Thanks to Per for the tip!

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