Saab possible return to WRC in 2014

OK, you’d need a big, long term diary to mark this one down. And it’s only a possibility at this point, not a plan.

It’s still nice to see a Saaby return to motorsport is occupying a small place in Victor Muller’s mind, however.

TV4 spoke to him at Almedalen Week and he had this to say (Googletrans):

When TV4’s financial news met Spykers CEO Victor Muller in Almedalen, he revealed that he wants to resurrect Saab’s rally history. The rally racing series that Muller would like to aim for in the future is the World Rally Championship.

– First we have to get the company profitable, then it could be considered, at the earliest, around 2014, “said Victor Muller.

As one of the sponsors behind the Saabs United Historic Rally Team, all I can say is BRING IT ON!!!

Motorsport is the test lab of the automotive world and it’d be great to see Saab back in the dirt some time in the future.

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