Saab raise vehicle production rate

There’s some good news in from TTELA this weekend, with Saab using overtime to increase their production rate – something they’ve been wanting to do for a little while now.

The Googletrans:


For the third week in a row Saab are running on maximum time which means that employees are working up to 2.5 hours extra in addition to standard time a week. And on Monday they increased the production rate significantly. For the first time ever, the company produced 39 cars in an hour – eleven more [per hour] than normal.

– Historically we have only made a few increases on cars at a time,” says union chairman Hakan Skött.

Good launch

An increase in orders and the launch of the new 9-5……. is behind the rate hike. Saab has recruited the necessary staff to manage production at the high level. In total, 222 new staff in addition to replacements.

– Confidence in Saab has increased. We spin the wheels and are full of confidence,” said Hakan Skött.

The production of 39 cars per hour is basically what the company can cope with given today’s staffing. In order to produce more cars they would need to move to two shifts and hire more employees.

What they can manage

But temporarily, it would increase production by using overtime and it is already scheduled for the autumn. And Hakan Skött is fairly convinced that Saab will move to two shifts in the not too distant future.

– We can certainly reach the production target for 2010 using the projected over time, but in the longer term [more] shifts will be required to produce enough cars.

When summer’s rate rise will translate to increased sales statistics, however, is unclear.

– Since we manufacture orders the customer is always waiting. But retailers report on a keen interest in the new model, announces Skött.

Thanks to Marco and Justyn for the tip!

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