Saturday Morning Snippets

It’s strange, what makes it on to these internets.

Websites can run all sorts of stuff and it’ll catch like wildfire simply because someone ‘important’ wrote it, even if it’s wrong. And you can correct the wrong story, back it up with referenced facts, and nothing will come out about the correction.

And then you get a seemingly innocuous entry written by a small site and it’ll get picked up – a few weeks later – and make it on to a big site.

Such is the case with Autoblog covering the SU story about Saab in Denmark publicising a Hirsch tune of the Saab 9-5.

It’s good they covered it, but the only problem is that the Hirsch tune isn’t confirmed yet. Denmark were jumping the gun.


If someone asked whether Saab were amongst the Top 10 Least Expensive vehicles to repair, or the Top 10 Most Expensive vehicles to repair – what would you tell them?

Click here to find out. The survey was done in the UK.


OK, that little rant at the top was about 9-4x stories that are doing the rounds – again – saying that the 9-4x will come out this year.

Again…… it won’t. We dealt with this a few weeks ago. April next year.

It may show in LA later this year if my prognostications are correct.


Motor Trend state that the next Saab 9-3 will come out in only two of the following three body styles – sedan, hatch or wagon.

If that’s true, then my bet is on sedan and hatch.


Toyota’s annus horribilus continues.

Sympathy factor 0.

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