Saturday morning snippets – up, up and away edition

We’re off. Sweden, here we come!

“I can has Moosburger!?”


It’s Saab Festival time in just days from now and I can’t wait to get back ‘home’.

Speaking of the Saab Festival, the full detailed program has just been released online at the Saab Festival website, so attendees should go and check it out. Start here.

Those of you planning to pick up some bargains at the parts sale should note that the venue has changed or this year.


The Saab 9-5 launch in England has gone very well, with dealers reporting quite enthusiastic crowds and crowd members reporting quite enthusiastic drives!


My mate from Frankfurt, Olaf Becker, was invited along to one of the Saab 9-5 launch events in order to photograph the new 9-5 being shown to the press.

Those of you who remember his lens work at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year know that this will be worth a look.


This just came in, via comments. A 9-5 comparison table, featuring a Volvo and some Germans.

Click to enlarge, and thanks to Carl-Henrik.


Good luck to the Dutch in the World Cup final. I’ll be in the air, unfortunately, so I won’t see it.

See you all soon.

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