SOC 2010 Group Photo

I’ve just got back from 2 days offline, attending the Saab Owners Club annual meeting in Bath, in England.

Whilst that’s been happening, the Saab Owners Conference has been happening in the US and we’ve already had some great snippets come through from Eggs about that one, with some more to come. It seems VM’s and JAJ’s enthusiasm has infected the US group, which is good to hear.

Greg Abbott has sent through some images, including the all-important group photo from the conference. There’ll be plenty more images to come in the next few days, but my thanks to Greg for this one (and a few more)….

Click to enlarge:

SOC 2010 Group Photo

And Victor Muller with Greg (below) and Eggs (below that):

Victor Muller and Greg Abbott

Victor and Eggs

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