SOC 2010 Mystery Car Feature

With so many great cars at the SOC 2010 in Aurora, Ohio this weekend, where does one start?  With the best feel-good story that one can muster, that’s where.

Naturally, this well-cared-for and obviously clean Saab 1958 93b is a wonderful story on its own.  Resplendent in red with the matching wheels, this car would be remarkable solely on the basis of looks and sound, but its history places it at the top of my “survivor” list.

Enjoy the photos and click through for the “rest of the story“.

So, why do I say that this little red car won me over as the best feel-good story of SOC 2010?  This particular 1958 Saab 93b was owned previously by John Davis of Tampa, Florida, that’s why.

For those of you that don’t recall, Mr. Davis had an extensive collection of vintage Saabs in a garage in the Tampa area. That building burned about three years ago (link removed for security reasons), taking several very, very good cars and many rare parts with it.  The local news ran a photograph of this very car parked just in front of the burning garage just as the building collapsed.  The present owner has continued the restoration through to this point.

Here’s the story, as told by Mr. Davis himself.  Certainly something that made him emotional.

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