SOC 2010 update – track day

The 2010 Saab Owners Convention started yesterday with a track day at Nelson Ledges Race Track.

Million-mile Saab guy, Peter Gilbert, has checked in with a written report and Greg Abbott has been kind enough to send along some photos, so here’s the combination of both served up as a Day 1 report….


We just returned from a full day at Nelson Ledges Race Track, with cloudless skies, mid- eighties temperatures and wonderful camaraderie. The plethora of Saab models was well represented on the track, other than the 96, late 9-3’s or 9-5’s.

The track has just celebrated the 25th anniversary of the 24-hour Saab Longest Day run and the two yellow Sonnets which participated were actually running today.

Thank God there were no accidents or spin-outs but several cars had breakdowns, of which two had engine mechanical failure, a couple with brake problems and one 2-stroke Sonnet that could not be diagnosed.

This was a particularly fun day for me as I had only driven my 2001 Viggen for an hour at Road America, Wisconsin, with stock specifications. Now I had the opportunity to open her up with the SQR update and with much better Bilstein heavy duty shocks. This was a particular treat as the Viggen was the most popular car on the track and to this day was probably Saab’s best kept secret, as so many people have never had the experience like we had to have so much fun.

53 Photos by Greg Abbott. Click to enlarge.

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