SU Meetup in Trollhattan


I’m heading up to Trollhattan today and can’t wait to get into the festivities. Don’t forget that you can check out the Saab Festival Program of event online.

And here’s nine other great things to do in Trollhattan


I’m getting a lot of email from people asking when we can all meet together in Trollhattan during the festival.

Given the complexities around booking a group of unknown size for dinner, I’d like to suggest an after-dinner meeting for drinks and getting-to-know-you’s. Friday night would possibly be the first opportunity where I could do this, as Thursday night will be all about the Midnight Sun rally and personally speaking, I’ll be staying out of town.

Friday night at the main bar/restaurant at the Scandic Swania hotel? Or maybe Butlers?

My nomination would be for the Swania. It’s right on the water if people want to stretch their legs, and plus, I love the people there and would prefer to give them my money than somewhere else 🙂 .

Say….. 9pm?

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