Sunday Saab Flickr Dump

I like to do this every six months or so…..

What you’ll see here are some of my favourite Saab photos from the Flickr photo service over the last little while. There are some great Saab photos here for your Sunday viewing pleasure.

Click to enlarge and enjoy.

Saab 96 in greyscale from Tomas Razmus

Saab 95 at midnight from Powar

Saab 900 from DryHeatPanzer

Saab 900 Custom Wagon from QSE999

Saab dashboard graffiti from Niklas Weikert

Some creative recycling from Vilseskogen

Saab 900 Convertible by B Haus

Frosty Saab by esops

Wrecked Saab 92 from Torpedo Ahoi

Saab 9-5 in motion by Herbi

Saabs in the snow from 731132

Saab Engine from ReadySnapGo

Saab 9-3 convertible in Lime Yellow from Nils G

Saab decaying by Kristic Massa

Beautiful Saab 9-3 shot from Total Abstainer

Saab Sonett II and Mini from Saabrobz

Saab 99 Rally Car from T.Lukkarinen

From the Saab Support Convoy in Poland, from Casereca

A rather uniquely decorated classic 900 from Navarzo3

A very bright Saab 96 from Steingard

A Folkracing Saab 99 – I think (tho maybe not) this is the racing series where you can only spend a limited amount and if anyone wants to trade cars with you, you have to accept. It stops people spending too much, for fear of losing it. From Bengt Re

Saab in motion from Redblur

Saab 900 Convertible from M1ockwood

Saab 99 Rally car from Liviu H

Nice Saab 96 portrait from Alfatruly

Saab 96 from a Belgian Saab 9-5 launch in Liege, from Saabhuy

An unusual Saab 99 paint scheme from Saabrobz

Saab reflections from bandd_uk

Saab 900 convertible, with dog, from bvcphoto

Saab 96 in Copenhagen, from lodev

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