An update from the Bonneville Salt Flats

I just received this update from Bertil, the guy who was going for a class record at Speed Week, at Bonneville salt flats last week. I featured Bertil’s car just a few days before he was due to head out to Bonneville.


Hello friends!

This weekend I returned home from the Bonneville Salt Flats…1500 miles each way! Late last Tuesday, after finally satisfying the tech inspectors (who were all very curious about this unusual car) we were able to make a few runs. We were not able to reach the speed needed to break the record.

Wednesday, I took apart the engine, and determined we had mechanical problems I could not repair at the Flats, so we decided to head home.

This adventure is so totally new and there is a lot to learn! The conditions at the Flats are unlike anything we can replicate in the dyno….the altitude and the lack of humidity for starters!

It made me feel a bit better when several Salt Flats veterans said it is “unheard of” to break a record on the first visit. Nobody does it in less than 3, and 3 to 7 is more the average. So I am starting preparation for next year. Now the goal is to be the first guy to break the record in two attempts!

Thanks for all your interest. I am not discouraged; I have a new game plan, so here we go!



My thanks to Bertil for the update. I think it’s absolutely fantastic when Saabs are involved in this type of stuff. The commitment from guys like this is part of the fabric of what we call the Saab Spirit.

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