Another man’s opinion on the new Saab 9-5

The good thing about Saab 9-5s being distributed around dealerships in the US is that a lot of people are seeing the car for the first time. I’ve been saying for a long time that you really need to see the 9-5 for yourself – the pictures just don’t quite do it justice.

The first 9-5 in Chicago arrived today and Dan P went down to have a look, take some photos and send through his impressions.

My thanks to Dan for sending these through.


I specifically went out of my way to see it after work today. I was very excited to finally see one and wanted to share my experience from today…


1. Looks twice as good in person than in photos.

2. Although definitely larger, it still has that taught, athletic Saab presence. Not fat or boat-like.

3. The plastic interior we’re stuck with temporarily due to supplier issues isn’t the usual hard brittle GM affair. It’s definitely a soft, premium plastic.

4. The blue-green headlights and taillights are much bolder and more striking in person. Pictures aren’t capturing them well.

5. Dealer said I couldn’t drive, it wasn’t their property but a Saab-owned demo model making rounds. There were no window stickers or inventory tags.

6. Boo no twirly-magic cupholders 🙁

7. Gauge cluster is stunningly gorgeous.

8. Looks like it’s moving fast even when parked.

Attached are some pictures I took. It was a gloomy day in Chicagoland.

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