Bloomberg on Spyker stock listing

There’s no link online yet, but I’ve received a copy of a Bloomberg story covering plans for a Spyker stock listing in Stockholm.

And a little more, too…..


Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) — Spyker Cars NV, which bought Saab Automobile in February, aims to be listed on the Stockholm stock market before the end of the year, Chief Executive Officer Victor Muller said in an interview.

“We think it’ll be in the last quarter,” Muller said by phone late yesterday. “This assumes of course we can reach agreement with the stock exchange on the terms and conditions of the listing. But the last quarter is the objective.”

…..It remains unclear whether Spyker must issue new shares when it lists in Stockholm or whether the Amsterdam shares can be transferred, Muller said from Long Island, N.Y. If Spyker doesn’t have to issue new shares “we won’t because of the dilution,” he said.

And here’s the little bit more…..

Spyker has been in discussions with Saab AB, the Swedish maker of the Gripen fighter plane, about the rights to the name. These talks have been on hold over the summer holidays and are likely to resume next month, Muller said.

It seems there might be a Gripen instead of a Griffin in the future. Interesting times…..

Thanks to Ola for the text!

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