Correction – Saab naming story from Bloomberg

Last night I ran a story from Bloomberg and from the excerpt that I took (and my comment afterwards) it sounded as if Saab Automobile were seeking permission to use the Gripen name.

This was an error on my part. I prepared the story around 2 minutes before going to bed and it was a rush job that led to an error.

I failed to include a preceding paragraph from the story. The full excerpt should have been as follows:

The company wants to change its name, preferably to Saab Cars, to reflect the ownership of the Swedish carmaker, Muller said. The new name would be for the listed parent company, which would have the Spyker and Saab carmakers as separate subsidiaries.

Spyker has been in discussions with Saab AB, the Swedish maker of the Gripen fighter plane, about the rights to the name. These talks have been on hold over the summer holidays and are likely to resume next month, Muller said.

As you can see, the story here is about a request to call the overall entity by the name Saab Cars, with Saab and Spyker as subsidiaries. There was/is no intention of seeking use of the Gripen name and it was erroneous of me to imply might have been.

My apologies. Now, on to other things.

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