EnG Snippets – Content from SOC 2010 Edition

As you may guess from the title, there are a few photos and bits from the SOC in Aurora, Ohio from late last month still rattling around my hard drive, yet there are a couple of other items, too, so it’s a snippets entry.

Over this weekend I had the opportunity to witness first-hand the reason that Australians coined the term “whinging pom“. That’s another story for another day. (Bonus whingeing.)

First up, this is either the most positive Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible test ever conducted, or it’s the most tongue-in-cheek lampoon of the brand ever. I had to choke back the laughter with that hat. It’s like a coonskin cap, only bigger and more furry. To what animal did that skin belong? Translations (Kroum?) are welcome.


Seriously, the video appears to document a great demonstration of the cold-weather capabilities of Saab convertibles.  It just looks a bit odd to us in the West.


More New York Times print for Saab.  It’s just a short blog entry, but the New York Times is the New York Times.  We’ll take all that we can get.  The entry takes a little issue with the Muller-stated break-even point of 85,000 units per year.  Hey, there are no guarantees, everything is dependent upon execution, efficiency and economic climate.  The point remains that Mr. Muller, JAJ and company have a realistic target and a realistic chance for success.  They don’t have to be a 1,000,000-unit marque to survive.


More (people) photos from the Saab Owners Convention 2010 after the jump.  Great to see everyone.

SaabScott and his son Sam

EggsnGrits and Dan of State of Nine

Martin, SaabScott, EggsnGrits, North Toronto Punter and Richard

Our own Greg Abbott at the podium

Annette Adams of Iowa City Saab recognized by Victor Muller for her efforts as a key SOC 2010 organizer.

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