FOX talk to Saab Design head, Jason Castriota

I featured a bare-bones interview that FOX Car Report did with Victor Muller a few days ago, at a US launch event for the Saab 9-5.

They spoke at some length with Jason Castriota, too. Click here to watch the video.

Some dot points from the interview……

– The next Saab 9-3 needs to offer something more, something different to the A4 and 3-series.

– It needs to get back to Saab’s roots – a combination of utility and sport.

– Aerodynamics and the teardrop shape will be very important in the future, contributing to reduced fuel consumption.

– Draws parallels with design work for Ferrari and Maserati because like Saab, they’re brands with great heritage that has to be respected.

There’s plenty more there, too, including design implications for hybridisation and the prospect of a future Saab Sonett.

Thanks Niclas!

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