Friday Night Snippets – US loyalty discount edition

I’ve received word from one dealer in the US about this boost to the loyalty dicount available to previous Saab owners…..

Saab announced an enhancement to the loyalty program today. P

Previously, it was $1,000 off a 9-3 if you (or someone in your household) owned or leased a 1999 or newer Saab currently. Then it was bumped up to $2,000 off a 9-3.

Now it’s $2,000 off a 9-3 purchase or lease if you or someone in your household HAS EVER owned or leased a 1995 (yes, 1995) or newer Saab and can prove it with a registration car, payment coupon, or purchase or lease contract.

I hope some folks saved their paperwork obsessively, because this is huge for the traditional once-every-ten-years-plus customers!

Check it out at’s Current Offers section, then see your local dealer and make sure you get it, too.


Some people questioned why Saab aren’t getting into BioGas yesterday, after Jan-Ake Jonsson’s chat with Ny Teknik. If Saab aren’t prepared for it, and it sounds like they aren’t, then there’s no point going into it with a subpar system.

I don’t exactly what the nature of the problem is (and I’m not hinting it’s BioGas related in any way, just that there’s an issue), but Volvo are having to halt production of so-called ‘green’ V70s because they don’t actually meet the green requirements to receive the concessions they’re supposed to get in Sweden.

Thanks Tompa!


Spyker Squadron are back racing this weekend – in Hungary:

Spyker Squadron will venture into unknown territories this weekend as it takes part in the fourth round of the 2010 Le Mans Series season. The team has travelled to Budapest for the 1000 KM race on the Hungaroring Formula 1 circuit.

Stay tuned to @spykersquadron for updates via twitter.

Good luck, guys!


To paraphrase John Cleese – I may not know much about design, but I know what I like!

And I like it when Sniff Petrol parody designers 🙂


Sometimes you love something, but you don’t see it for a while. And when you see it again it gives you goosebumps and you feel that feeling all over again.

I hadn’t seen one of these for a while, but when I saw this today I just – well – looked at it for a while.

Via Flickr.

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