Friday Snippets – VM-OK and Fifth Gear edition

I received an email from Victor Muller a few minutes ago and he reports that all is well and good. The gall bladder was ditched on Monday. He’s back on his feet now and will be at Pebble Beach tomorrow for the Saab presser being held there.

Good news!


Fifth Gear have apparently filmed a road test of the new Saab 9-5, with Vicki at the wheel.

Sadly, it seems to be restricted based on your location and as I’m not one who fiddles with such things, I’m currently unable to view it.

Click here and try your luck. If you can see it, perhaps you can pass on their thoughts.


One of the prime reasons I resolved to work so hard on covering the Saab sale and making sure it stayed in the news was because I felt that Saab deserved that chance – a chance to influence their own fate. I was very strong in my opinion that a decision to close Saab should not be made by a bunch of executives in another country, several of whom had probably never even visited Trollhattan.

Ed Whitacre, the man who had the final say, announced today that he will resign from GM, effective 1 September. He’ll have spent just over one year on the job there. Structurally speaking, he had every right, even an obligation, to decide Saab’s fate. Ethically, morally? Not so much.

I’m just glad the right decision was made in the end. Enjoy your latest retirement, Ed.


Our man in the UK, Robin M, seems to be enjoying this whole drive-to-IntSaab-in-a-new-9-5 thing.

Brand new car, Euro lodgings and good mates everywhere. It’s nice to be him, ain’t it 🙂


And finally…….

A Saab billboard from Germany!!

This one was spotted by Alexandros, in Munich. His translation of the main text is “What was to be proven.” and the ad then ties in with Saab’s new Anything But Ordinary campaign.

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