Images from Switzerland – IntSaab and Hirsch

Ok, so I don’t really have anything from IntSaab itself yet, but here’s a nice image overlooking Interlaken, from Radu.

I hope those travelling to Interlaken took it easy on the roads. The police and judiciary tend to be pretty brutal in terms of dishing out speeding fines in Switzerland.


The big event on the way to IntSaab was the Hirsch Performance open day. Our man on the scene was Till72 and he’s sent through some teaser images. He’ll have some more to share with us later on.

One view from inside the Hirsch building…

Some rather special looking Saabs in the parking lot….

And some more parking lot action. Looks like they had a goodly number turn up…..

A little of the Hirsch vehicle collection….

Special guests #1 – that’s Robin M’s complimentary 9-5 in the carpark…..

And special guests #2 – Saab Museum Director, Peter Backstrom enjoying a brew….

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