Impressions of IntSaab – part 1

IntSaab was held over the weekend and I’ve received a few photos already, which I’ll split over two different entries.

These first photos are from Christoph Bleile, the PR Manager for Saab Automobile in Switzerland. As you’ll see, the Saab Spirit was alive and well at IntSaab this year.

But first, a quick look around at the scenery, which was …… big.

Some Saab 99’s

OK, to the spirited bit, which is quite nice to hear.

Saab Switzerland decided to raise some money at the event, to donate to a charity that organises holidays for disabled children.

They cleaned out the cellars and sold some old exclusive promotional material to aid the cause. They also sold off this toy Saab, shown here with Saab Switzerland manager, Mario Klaus.

All told, they raised around 4,300CHF, which is just over US$4,000!!

Well done Saab Switzerland and IntSaabers!!

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