Impressions of IntSaab – Part 2

It’s been a massive couple of months for Saab gatherings. There’s been the Saab Festival, the SOC in the US, the annual SOC gathering in Bath and now this Internation Meeting of Saab Clubs – IntSaab.

This second look at IntSaab comes from of our SU regulars, a bloke by the name of “Me”.


Yes I had my second SAAB festival this year. And I can only say one thing, and let me use the words of Sister Sledge: We are FAMILY !!!

I met Robin as well as some Aussies (see photo) and saw the car from Svizzera. In Interlaken was also an Orange 99 from Russia.

This is my IntSAAB, in pictures:

Yes a 96 still looks good on the street.

But it also did look good in the past 🙂

In Trollhättan the colour was yellow, in Interlaken it is green. Those belong to René Hirsch, but I don’t know if they are original or replicas.


OK, Swade here….

The green Sonett is actually Saab Sonett #4 and it has been through one heck of a wild ride over the years. It was purchased from Saab by an engineer named Sigvard Sorennsson (for 3,000 crowns). He didn’t like the green Sonett body so much, so he removed it and sold it. Over the original Sonett chassis, he built a fibreglass body that was more to his liking, and called it the Facett. It was originally white, then ended up red. It was sold on again and driven for another 22 years, eventually ending up as a garden ornament for the kids to play in, before resting finally in a basement garage.

In the mid 1990’s a German doctor by the name of Klaus Muller-Ott heard about the car and set about buying it and rebuilding it. He even tracked down the original body and eventually restored the entire car.

Today, it belongs to Rene Hirsch, from Hirsch Performance, and they own the Facett body as well. What you see in that picture is both cars together.


Seems like you can meet an Australian everywhere in the world. But he didn’t bring none of his SAAB’s from Oz. 😉

OK, Swade here again.

This is one of those episodes where you realise how small the world can be. The guy in the photo is indeed an Aussie. He lives in Sydney, his name is Simon A and back in 2007, I bought a silver 1985 Saab 900 Aero from him. Simon has one of the sweetest 99Turbo’s you’ll ever see.

Chocolate is the other reason to visit Switzerland. And best of all, you have to drive a curvy road up to the mountain and down to the next valley to get there, and a second time to get back.

Modern cars don’t have bumpers. I’m wondering haw can you attach such a plate on a modern e-car without grill 😉

The encounter of the generations. I like those three faces 🙂

Yes there where also some classic 900 on exposition. And I must admit, this car even looks good as a pick-up.

Back to the more modern cars. The new 9-5 IS a big car, even in comparison with the old one.

Yes, it seems like people where parking besides similar cars.

These two are like Laurel and Hardy (it’s actually Backstrom and Carlsson). They are so funny, and you can listen and listen and listen …..

The Saturday evening has been quite wet, but just before the Meeting ended on Sunday the sun came out. And good looking SAAB’s looked even better.

Well that was my IntSAAB in Pictures. I don’t think I will be travelling to Finland next year. But anybody will find me in Spa, Belgium on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of August 2012. 😉

Have a nice week.

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