Information – Saab in Canada

We’ve had a bit more information about Saab’s operations in Canada come through. Some has come via comments and some via email.

Some have been asking about dealerships in Calgary. Here’s what we’ve got:

Hyatt Automotive Group
161 Glendeer Circle SE
Calgary Alberta T2H 2S8

We’ve also received the following, via comments:

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share some fabulous news! As of August 16th, 2010, Springman’s Auto Centre in Langley, BC will the first NEW SAAB dealer in BC! We are extremely excited about the opportunity and we are looking forward to serving all past, present and future SAAB owners!

As some may know already, we were previously a Saturn dealer and, farther back in history, a SAAB dealer. Our service department is set up and ready to go for all maintenance and warranty claims. As of Monday, we are the place to go for all your service and parts needs!

On the sales front, orders are being placed as we speak for new 2011 models. We should start seeing these on the lot in around 10-12 weeks!

I’ll be happy to try and answer as many questions as I can. The Springmans have been here in town since 1986 and are committed to providing the best service and sales experience possible and we are gearing up to continue that experience to our new customers!

We are located on the Langley Bypass in Surrey (Surrey-Langley border). (Our website will be updated in the coming weeks to include all the awesome new stuff that’s coming!)

Thanks for listening (reading) everyone! Please pass this news along and we hope to hear from you soon!

I’m told that letters should be going out to Canadian Saab owners early this week to notify them as to their dealer network. It sounds like there will be 12 dealers across Canada to begin with, though maybe the Springman group noted above will be #13 (and maybe not).

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