Jan-Ake Jonsson in Swedish chat session(s)

Following is a Googletrans from NyTeknik. Jan-Ake Jonsson did a chat session with readers on the website, on Thursday.

There’s not a lot of clarity here, which is in part due to the translation and in part due to readers asking some good questions that Jan-Ake didn’t want to answer 🙂 (not yet, at least).

The concrete take-aways from this:

  • News announcements coming in Autumn (*cough* Paris *cough*)
  • Saab 9-4x will sell in Europe
  • There are no plans for engine production
  • There are no near term plans for a return to motorsport
  • The BMW question drew a ‘no comment’ rather than a denial
  • They’re exploring possibilities for customer delivery at the factory in Trollhattan

Thanks to Dippen, Tom E and others for the heads up.

I note in comments that there was another chat at affärsvärlden, where the following were discussed:

  • 4500 orders for the new 9-5,
  • 119 gram diesel for the 9-3 coming soon,
  • new cooperations and partners will be communicated this fall,
  • new 9-3 is developing and looking good,
  • possible 9-2 is “in early definition phase”.

Thanks to Henrik for the notes in comments.

Here’s the Googletrans of the Ny Teknik chat session:

Jan Ă…ke Jonsson respond directly to questions from New Technology readers today, Thursday.

2:03 Now I am ready and looking forward to your questions. / Jan Ă…ke

2:03 [Comment by Carl:]

Have test driven the new 9-5, it is only to be congratulated for a nice car! Tom. I drove to Volvo since 1975, is seriously considering to buy Saab, a diesel of 150 hp in combination with the automatic transmission is an ideal combination. Good if your car is fuel efficient, it increases customer interest. You are working on it?

2:04 Glad you like 9-5. We offer many options such as fuel-efficient diesel variants majority as well as small turbocharged gasoline variants. Of course, we have also E85.

2:04 [Comment by Mr T:]

Hi Jan-Ake! Read an interview with Christian von Koenigsegg, where he talked a bit about free valves. Do you have any contact with Cargine (Swedish company that develops technology for free valves) and can imagine using the technology in future cars? Wish you and all SAAB a big success!

2:06 Thank you. We work with many different technologies and partners, also in this respect. Can not the current situation to provide practical information, but when we are ready we will get back.

2:06 [Comment by Roger:]

When will a new Saab hatchback?

2:07 A hatchback I interpret as a “Kombikupe”? Of course, this is Saab’s tradition so we’ll see in future cars what we can surprise.

2:07 [Comment from Lotta:]

Both my husband and I are engineers. We have two guys who are 7 and 10 years. As many others, we suggest shopping bags, sports gear and loads of holiday with a V70. It starts now getting on in years and we are looking to buy a new car. Why should we buy a Saab?

2:09 Saab’s a car that typically has a unique design, sporty and fun to drive and display of safe, environmentally friendly and practical. Is this where the requirements are a perfect Saab car.

2:10 [Comment from John:]

What happened to Simon Padian after Jason Castriota became head of design?

2:10 Simon is still a part of our design team.

2:10 [Comment from Benny:]

Should Saab abandon ethanol track?

2:12 No, we have no such plans. Although E85 is mainly widespread in Sweden so there will certainly be in the future also in other markets.

2:12 [Comment from Nostalgic:]

Saab had long been the most headstrong color scheme on their cars. As nostalgic I miss those days. When will we see new models of ärtgrönt, whey cheese yellow ellr skimmed milk blue again?

2:14 Colors is a very interesting area. Most of the premium segment is black, silver and various shades of gray. Not really colorful? We try with different colors and will continue to do so. However, doubts ärtgrönt?

2:14 [Comment from E. Jacobson:]

How will the Saab afford to develop new platforms?

2:16 First and foremost, we have a good agreement with GM giving us access to technologies and architectures for a long time. However, we of course look at other options that might suit us better. While we are working with our own. The options are many.

2:16 [Comment from Oscar L:]

Looking further Saab partner for technology development (except Spyker?)

Is there any technology that Spyker has developed which is interesting for Saab? Examples please. What developing synergies between Saab and Spyker (engine, etc?)

2:18 Yes, we work with many tracks. Already, we have partnerships in China, in the design electric cars, etc. There we can pick from Spyker is of course a knowledge of lĂĄgvolymbilsutveckling that is different than what we did. Thus models in shorter runs. Spyker can benefit from our great technological infrastructure development, production and distribution.

2:18 [Comment from Benny:]

When will Saab’s first electric car?

2:20 We will be in late 2010 and early 2011 to supply a test fleet of 100 cars to learn more. As mass production can begin are still well in the future for different reasons. However, we will pick up technology in our cars before.

2:20 [Comment from Christopher:]

First, let me just say that it’s really fun to Saab is on the track again, it feels wonderful! Wondering if you will show 93 facelift at the Paris motor show in October now???

2:21 No comment, sorry.

2:21 [Comment by Jan:]

That you now have all the functions combined in place in Trollhättan must surely mean many beautiful million saved? It’s a quarter of a walking distance to everything?

2:21 Absolutely. The synergies are numerous and simple lines of communication.

2:22 [Comment from John:]

Saab will continue to use the grapple logo? Saab’s “word mark” in gray are now often seen on websites and very poorly on a white background. Moreover, in principle, any brand name other than a symbol, such as Mercedes star, Audi – rings, BMW – the propeller. It gives a clear identity and strengthens the brand.

2:23 We currently use both arrested and packets of land and will also do so in the future. Of course, this is who we regularly try.

2:23 [Comment from Mats:]

What is the most exciting news of the Saab you can share with us who have not been told about before somewhere?

2:24 With the huge media focus has been in the recent past as well, you know everything about us? Although it is not true. There will be plenty of news in the autumn so “stay tuned”.

2:24 [Comment from John:]

Will the Saab 9-4X will be sold in Sweden / Europe also in addition to North America?

2:24 Yes.

2:24 [Comment from Petter Engström:]

Saab’re good at Lean Production, and if I understand correctly, GM has contributed so much to this. How will future developments in the field look like? Do you have other partners to work and “compete” with to get even better?

2:26 Lean Production means among other things, continuous improvement and with this we will continue. We have built a great expertise in this area but will of course also look at other players to improve us further.

2:26 [Comment by Anders:]

Hi Jan-Ake! Do you have any questions about starting your own engine production again?

2:26 no.

2:27 [Comment from Hannes:]

There is talk of a collaboration with BMW, can you comment on that?

2:27 I can not comment on it. But I do say that we look at the majority partner in a broad spectrum.

2:27 [Comment from Slatan:]

Do you have any plans at the WTCC or rally?

2:29 Saab has a long history in motorsports, but to embark on this right now, we plan no. We have many other priorities to tackle.

2:29 [Comment by Tobbe:]

When will trifuel on the market?

2:29 We have no such plans.

2:30 [Note from Guest:]


Hello! Have you ordered new fine 9-5, would have been much fun to go to Trollhättan and pick up my car when it is fully assembled. Did get information that is not possible from the dealer. Are there plans to open up in order to retrieve his car from the factory? Or did the dealer not better, you can already do it today?

2:31 We have had this opportunity and are exploring how this can happen, but it will take time before we are ready for this.

Thanks for all the interesting questions and I hope I have given clear information. Also thanks for all the support in the recent past / Jan Ă…ke

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