Maptun 10th Birthday

This is one for you Swedes within reasonable driving distance of Örebro – which means almost everyone!

Saab tuners, SU sponsors and all-round first class guys – Maptun – are celebrating their 10th birthday:

We invites you to a party in Örebro with car show, activities and lots of fun. Of course, we will have great deals throughout the day.

The anniversary party will be on 21st of August from 10:00-15:00

Do you want to exhibit your Saab at our show? Contact us! All nice Saabs can be exhibited, not only Maptuned ones. Winners will be awarded with both a trophy and certificate from Maptun!

Exhibitors are invited to come to the car show from 08:00. You can wash your car close to Maptun if needed. More Information about offers will be announced closer to the Anniversary , but we promise that you will not be disappointed!

If you’re within proximity, then please make sure you get involved. These guys are bonkers about Saabs, do some fantastic work and I’d love to see some fantastic snapshots of a rockin’ car show there in Örebro.

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