Ny Teknik speak to JAJ – Saab 9-4x to move to Phoenix platform in the future

Ny Teknik has done a brief interview with Jan-Ake Jonsson where they cover a range of topics, including the platform Saab are developing, called Phoenix.

This platform is a development of the current Epsilon platform that the Saab 9-3 is currently built on. Saab are completely re-working this architecture and as you’ll see in this translation, Saab intend for it to underpin not only the next generation of the 9-3, but also the next 9-5 and 9-4x.


We build all cars on the same platform

Production of the Saab 9-4X will be moved from Mexico to Trollhättan Saab in the future when all models are based on the same technical platform. It reveals Jan Åke Jonsson, Managing Director of Saab Automobile, in an exclusive interview.

* What is the benefit of no longer part of General Motors?

– You can determine and prioritize. We choose what is best for Saab. We control over what cars we should have and when we change the model. We decide what technology and what we should be partners.

* Were there any advantages to being part of GM?

– GM has built an incredible infrastructure of production and the development side that is now ours. Production, crash laboratory, climatic wind tunnel and the tunnel.

* Is not a bit of a problem?

– I see it as a strength. We can quickly make decisions. Victor (Muller) and I can take big decisions in minutes.

* Do you buy the very latest technology of large contractors or other automakers?

– If you really want to keep track of how new technologies are received and how it is installed in a new car, so a small manufacturer is often more interesting. If you look at the forms of cooperation exist, it has been in the IT side with greater transparency and more standard components.

* You have recently started selling new 9-5, the forecast looks like?

– We expect 40000-45000 cars in the average annual rate, including the wagon.

– The next generation 9-3 think we should be on 70 000 on average. On top of that, we have new 9-4X, which we believe should be between 13 000 and 15 000 inhabitants.

* Are you around on the numbers?

– Yes. We can size the tools, machinery and personnel for the operation. We have a break-even point of about 85 000 cars in all new cars are on site. Then you have a good profitability by 120? 000 cars per year.

– Our challenge is to get a smaller car that pull in younger buyers, singles or young couples.

* How will you get advice on developing their new models?

– We develop today’s 9-3 architecture to a new and modern architecture. From the architecture we are developing the next generation 9-5 and 9-4X.

– New 9-3 architecture has more flexibility for the size of the car. This review will provide synergy with low investment costs.

* And you can pick the next home production 9-4X to Trollhättan?

– Absolutely!

* Spyker is financially weak owners. Is there someone in the wings who can contribute funds?

– Tell them that we really want to do a Saab 9-2, then we must have capital for this. And then we must consider how to obtain the capital. Is it good for us, I think there are many who want to invest in Saab.

* Spyker have shown significant losses and has taken loans at high interest rates. What does that Saab’s cash is used to save the Spyker?

– Everything in the Saab is in a huge wall. There is no way to move money from Saab to Spyker. Debt Office receives a monthly report and the European Investment Bank on a quarterly basis, we go through each project. And so we have a contractual relationship with GM.

* Where will Saab be in ten years?

– We remain an independent company with a strong brand. Stable and profitable.

* How many cars will you sell?

– We are around 150 000 per year.

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