Report from Pebble Beach – Part 1

I received this from Michael L, who popped in on the Concours D’Elegance and associated displays at Pebble Beach over the weekend.

Great report, and great photos as well. As you can see from Michael’s report and the number of people looking around the Saab/Spyker pavilion, the new company did well to be there.


Hey Steven,

I was in Monterey this weekend and went to the Coucours show at Pebble Beach today. I got some pics of the Saab/Spyker tent that I wanted to send to you.

I will say that it was incredibly good to see Saab on display there with Spyker. It seemed very fitting and there were lots of people milling about. I overheard many stories that all seemed to begin with “You know, years ago I had a Saab and I loved it.” They were right down the way from Lotus and Porsche, so they had some distinguished company.

They also had a fleet of 9-5 Aeros parked out front that you could sit in. No test drives today, unfortunately (they did that on Saturday). They also had a very rare 1956 Sonett on display.

I got a look at the black plastic dash panel which, in truth, doesn’t look all that bad, but I saw the textured piece on the car at the LA auto show and I have to say that looked stunning. The sooner they can get that into the cars, the better.

Interestingly enough, Jason Castriota was one of the judges at the show. When they announced his name they mentioned all the styling houses he worked for and then talked about his recent appointment to head of design at Saab. Ian Callum, current head of design for Jaguar, was also one of the judges.

Overall a great show, and it was really good to see Saab there.

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