Report from Pebble Beach – Part 2 – a test drive

This is the second of two reports to come in from Pebble Beach over this last weekend.

It comes to us from James C and I figured people would be interested in reading this one as it’s another of those “One man’s test drive” type articles. For many, the opinions of potential buyers just like them is the most important opinion of all. Well, here’s a quick one that I hope you enjoy.


Thanks for the alert about Saab being at Pebble Beach. We went over (we live in Pebble) looking for the Saab tent. Found it and what an awesome car.

We took it for a spin and I am pleased to report that there were no rattles, which on the roads around here means something. The rep tells me that the 2.0 is much smoother than the old 9-5 setup. We drove the Aero since that is all they had.

Considering all of the cars around here, particularly this week, the 9-5 stood out. From the moment I got in and pushed the start button, it was sweet. It drives like a Saab. If you have owned a model year from 2000 or later, you will know what I mean.

The steering feels somewhere between the 9-5 and 9-3 whether in sport or comfort. An intuitive feel. And of course, sticks to the road like it is on rails. All the gadgets were cool, but the parking sensor picture on the display was the best I think – particularly the front sensor. Seats were good, but maybe a tad stiff. But, what a driving experience – which is why we own them – and safety of course.

My wife just could not believe how well it drove. Which is good since she is representative of a large market. I could not help thinking, when watching her reactions while driving, what the designers had in mind.

I don’t know if you experienced this when you drove one, but you can see with this car where Saab is headed. If they can make their numbers and this car gets through an iteration or two, it is going to evolve into something incredible, I think.

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