Report: One in three said no to Saab jobs

SVT have reported the following in the Swedish press today. It’s good to hear that things are working out for various people. I just hope Saab can get the labour force they need, when they eventually need it.

Thanks to Jan B for the translation.


When Saab Automobile in Trollhättan upped the pace and re-hired more than 250 previously dismissed workers, as many as a third said thanks, but no thanks, to a factory-floor return.

“It surprised me that as many as 30 percent of respondents said no, given how it has looked with the recession etc. But it’s really nice that people have found other solutions. Some have changed direction completely and invested in training, others have new jobs, “says Håkan Skött, Metallklubbens chairman at Saab in Trollhättan.

Saab people returned to work on Monday after three weeks of vacation. For most in manufacturing the holidays became shorter than usual because production has high priority now. Shortly before the holidays production was increased from 28 cars per hour to 39 cars. That makes for a yearly rate of over 60 000 cars.

224 people were hired in production to meet the rate increase, says Dagens Nyheter’s internet edition. In addition, 30 were hired to replace staff on study or parental leave.
We are now running at the maximum output for one shift.

-If we are to accelerate more, we will need to go up to two shifts and then we will have to re-employ more people. But we are not there yet, “said Håkan Skött.
Saab Automobile now has approximately 3,500 employees, roughly split equally between workers and other employees.

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