Saab 9-5 in white – majestic!

One of the many really interesting people I met in Sweden was a guy known here as Thilo. I featured a number of his photos during the festival and he’s got a magnificent collection of his photography on his own website, Bubek FotoDesign.

Thilo lives in Tromsø, around 500km north of the Arctic Circle. This is a pretty hardcore, but beautiful place, as you’ll see in the images below.

Thilo drove over 4,000kms in his Saab 9000 Aero to attend the Saab Festival and see the new Saab 9-5. The funny thing about it, though, was that his dealer in Tromsø had one at the showroom when he returned!

Naturally, Thilo couldn’t resist taking another drive.


I came back to Tromsø one week ago after traveling about 4.500km in my white Saab 9000 Aero. Yesterday afternoon I thought I could have a short visit at my local Saab dealer Auto Nord in Tromsø and report a bit from the fantastic Saab Festival.

When I got there, what did I see? Their beautiful white NG 9-5 demo car arrived Friday last week. Of course I could not resist the offer to do a test-drive this morning. I invited a colleague (who drives a V70 AWD) to join so we could get a nice impression of the car, which is a 160hp diesel with automatic transmission. I think this and the TTID which will come later this year will be the best selling models here in Norway, not least because of the high taxes here (the well equipped demo-car costs more than 600.000 Norwegian crowns which equals about 100.000 USD).

I think this little engine worked surprisingly well under the normal driving conditions here, even though it doesn’t run as smooth as the 2 liter 220hp engine I drove in Sweden. I think the car was very nicely equipped with leather seats and the navigation system. The interior appeared quite nice. The dashboard looks so much nicer with the big color display compared to the one in the demo-cars I drove in Sweden, which lacked the navigation system.

We were able to take some images during the test-drive:

– In the city of Tromsø with the Arctic cathedral and the Tromsdalstinden in the background
– The new 9-5 together with a nice white 9-3 demo car and my white 9000 Aero in front of the dealership in Tromsø
– 3 images taken some kilometers outside the town Tromsø

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