Saab 9-5 wheels that can maketh the car

You know I love wheels, right. They maketh the car.

I hadn’t seen these wheel options that being made available for the new Saab 9-5, so I figured I’d better share them here as some of you may not have seen them either.

These are taken from the options available on the Saab Sweden website. Click that link, select Fälgar from the first drop down, then the appropriate Saab 9-5 options from the second and third drop downs. You’ll then see something like this:

Those are the available wheel options for the car.

Patrik B, who emailed me about this, made some good selections that I’d like to share with you as well. On the right color car, these could look awesome.

Click to enlarge.

Saab’s new turbine wheels in black!

Light, Medium and darker shades of Edge wheels.

And the 20 inch Turbostar wheels for maximum bling!

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