Saab Aberdeen Owners Club

This is a nice follow up story.

A while ago, I posted an image of a Saab 96, taken by RonC in Aberdeen, Scotland. It’s pretty unusual to see a Saab 96 in Aberdeen, much less one with Dutch plates and some personal scripting on the paintwork.

The hope was that we’d find the owner(s) of the car and perhaps connect them with Ron.

Well, that happened, and the Saab Aberdeen Owners Club has now been formed and they’re in the early stages of hooking up with the Saab Owners Club GB.

The Saab 96 belonged to a couple named Melle & Geertje and they did eventually hook up with Ron.

At the local premiere of the Saab 9-5, Ron also met up some lads who were looking at forming a local Saab Club, even setting up a website to kick things along.

I’ll let Ron tell the rest:

The result was an afternoon meet up on Sunday 18th July at the Grampian Transport Museum located in Alford; set in a picturesque area 26mls [42kms] from Aberdeen. There were four Saabs and eight folk which included: Melle & Geertje, Graeme [one of the founders of the SAAB Aberdeen Owners Club site] and his wife, a couple of friends of mine [one a Saab man, the other a Ford devotee] and my wife Alison and me.

And another Saab Club is formed. It’s a beautiful thing.

If there are any other people in the Aberdeen area looking to hook up with a bunch of like-minded folk, then the website you’re looking for is Saab Aberdeen Owners Club.

Thanks to Ron for the follow up!

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