Saab at Brands Hatch

Via email today from Jan B.


Hi Steven,

Thought I’d send a few pictures from my (family’s) day at Brands Hatch earlier today. My sincere thanks to Saab City for the free tickets and to SaabsUnited for posting links to it.

Some good racing action with several classes of Caterham cars as well as Alfa-Romeos, Ford Fiestas and Formula Ford single seater cars. Safety and Course Cars were both new 9-5s. Plenty of action and good racing was to be had. Mainly from the Caterhams. A bit of rain only served to spice up the racing a bit more.

Naturally I was also very keen to see the Saab City display with the new 9-5 taking centre stage amongst the other new models as well as a good selection of used cars.

As everybody who has seen the new 9-5 has said, photos do not do it justice. It looks simply amazing and, very importantly, it looks like a Saab. Fantastic! There happened to be a Vauxhall Insignia (the 9-5’s cousin) parked nearby and looking at that made you realise how different they look with the Insignia looking like the designers simply said ‘that will do’ and stopping, while the Saab designers carried on refining the details until the whole car looked ‘finished’.

The phrase ‘that will do’ clearly has no meaning at Saab. The interior space is very good and even with my 2m (6ft 7in) frame I had plenty of room in the driver’s seat. The instrument panel is really striking and looks very usable. I then sat in the back with the front seat still set for me and I had a fair amount of room for my legs. With a ‘normal’ sized driver I’d have loads of room in the back too. No problem whatsoever with head room in the front or back. The boot is huge, but I can’t wait for the estate version as that’s what I’d go for myself.

The salesman I spoke to said that they had had good interest in the new 9-5 and quite a lot of that was from non-Saab customers (mainly from Audi drivers). That’s what we need. The same salesman, while out driving the new 9-5, had an Audi pull up by his side, the driver having a good look at the Saab as if trying to work out what it was, before smiling and giving a big thumbs up. I can only echo that thumbs up having now seen it ‘in the flesh’ for the first time.

Overall, a very good day was had by the whole family (who were all very impressed by the 9-5).


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