Saab Club North America new car purchase incentive

I’ve mentioned this once before, but just wanted to give it some more airtime and a post of its own to make sure that everyone was aware of it.

This was announced by Victor Muller at the Saab Owners Convention last month, but some who didn’t attend may not yet be aware of it.

From the Saab Club North America website:

We hope you all had a great time at the Saab Club of North America’s 2010 Owners’ Convention. If you were at Saturday’s dinner, one of the many things you learned is that Saab Cars of North America is extending a $500 incentive to Club members in good standing on the purchase of a new Saab.

You can read the full details on the club website, but make sure to also check the latest offers on the Saab website as the loyalty bonus available there changes from time to time. This offer can be used in addition to Saab’s regular loyalty bonus.

As mentioned in the quote, you need to be a Saab Club of North America member to take advantage of this offer.

Head over to the Club website to download a certificate that you can present to your dealer to claim the offer.

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