Saab GB kick off Saab advertising campaign

It seems things are just starting to move out the door from the ad agencies handling work from Saab GB.

A few print ads are starting to show up, which will be used to tie in with the Anything but Ordinary TV spots that should be showing up.


From Motor Torque:

Saab explains the campaign thus:

  • So Swedish – Positions Saab as leaders in style and design, environmental issues and safety concerns
  • So Powerful – Reinforces Saab’s pioneering use of turbocharged engines to combine both power and economy
  • So Aerodynamic – Emphasises Saab’s aircraft heritage and aerodynamic expertise to increase performance and reduce fuel consumption

A series of TV, print, digital, outdoor and cinema coverage will follow, including a new 40-second TV ad sloganed: ‘So Saab – The all new 9-5, Anything but ordinary’.

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