Saab “individual” program – who’s interested?

I’ve had a couple of interesting questions posed to me over the last few days via email. I thought it best to pose them here on the site and see what people think.

The main thrust of the issue is the possibility of a custom Saab program similar to BMW’s Individual program, where there’s a much wider range of color, trim and equipment options on offer – for a price.

People have different tastes and if you’ve got the money, then BMW’s individual or Audi’s Exclusive programs will allow you to cater to (most of) those tastes. Different paint finishes, non-standard leather coverings, special wheels, audio systems, etc. There are limitations, but the range is much more extensive than the standard range.

So – the big question – who’d like to customise their Saab more than what they offer as standard. More importantly, who’d be willing to pay for it?

I think Victor Muller well and truly understands the importance of a customised interior. One look at the interior page of the Spyker website will tell you that. I’m sure he’d love to bring some magic to the Saab interior if the market is there.

Thanks to Taylor at Lotus Enthusiast for the idea


Another take on a similar subject…..

Who’d like a higher level engine spec, but with some base model trim?

If you order an Aero version of the new Saab 9-5, for example, you can only have it with leather. What if you wanted it with a cloth interior.

I heard today from a guy in Sweden named Per K, who has a friend who ended up buying a Volvo S80 for this very reason. He really wanted a cloth interior, but when the new 9-5 came out, it was leather-only in the Aero spec that he wanted.

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