Saabs Ads in US this week – and more 9-5 arrivals

A user over at Saabnet has written up some information about the US advertising schedule for Saab, which will start in earnest from today.

The campaign will start this Monday with TV commercials on cable channels BBC America, Food network, HGTV, Comedy Central, Discovery, History Channel, CNN, and a few others. There will also be some large print ads in the NY Times and Wall Street Journal. And most of the car magazines will have ads next month.

It makes sense for the blitz to start now as a shipload of them were unloaded in New Jersey last week and deliveries to dealerships have started.

Here’s one that arrived at Ardmore Saab, PA.

And as an added bonus, here’s one being delivered at Charles River Saab late last week. People coming to Swedish Car Day will quite likely see this one on the weekend.


Thanks to Max T for the video!……and to Steve F for the Saabnet tip.

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