SCD photos please

In every piece of satire, there’s some reality. Such is the case with Eggs’ rib tickler from earlier today.

I’m certainly no rockstar. But one of the great things about being able to come to events like Swedish Car Day is that I get to meet a bucketload of people that I would otherwise not be able to touch base with.

One of the ever-so-slight downsides of that is that I don’t get to see as many cars up close as I’d like to, and my photo count from the day is way lower than what I’d ideally like it to be. I do have some stuff to share, but it is of a limited number of vehicles.

I know there are some comments coming through where people have taken photos from SCD and posted them online. I thought it might be good to have an entry where people can have access to those links in one place.

So…… if you’ve got some photos from SCD that you’ve loaded up to the web, please leave the link in comments here. Please keep it to one link per comment (link to the album, not to each individual photo) and that way, the comment won’t get caught up by the spam filter).

I’m off home. See you all soon.

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