Some more information on the Bonneville Saab

I ran a brief story a few days ago on a guy who’s taking his two-stroke Saab 96 to Bonneville Speed Week.

My email to Bertil didn’t see a reply come into my inbox (Speed Week starts in a day or so and I guess there’s more important things going on) but I did receive some more information from Ray K.

This info was published in the Spring edition of Vintage Views, the magazine of the Vintage Saab Club of North America:

I am Bertil S, owner of Bertil’s Racing Engines, Inc. I am a 45+ year veteran builder of VW and Toyota engines for various formula racing series, with many championships.

Several years ago I found an ad for a 1966 SAAB Monte Carlo in a vintage magazine. Since I had tuned and raced similar SAAB’s in Sweden in the 60’s, I decided to buy this car and restore it in my spare time. It took a few years to get started, and then took longer and was more work than I expected. But I wanted it to be done right.

Since I had been helping a friend at the Bonneville time trials in 2007, I decided this SAAB will go to the Salt Flats! I missed the competition last year because of a last minute mistake in dyno testing. I lost a piston and had no spare. I plan to be ready for this year, with several spare pistons in inventory!

The engine you see in the car is my street engine, 900 cc with 3 Solex down draft, 75 HP. The race engine is 750 cc, with 3 Solex side draft carburetors from the Sonett and tune pipe, 94 HP.

Again, it’ll be interesting to see what Bertil’s up to there in Bonneville.

My thanks to Ray for the extra info.

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