Swedespeed and the Saab 9-5

This is just a quick one.

Swedespeed is generally concerned with Volvos, so when they write up the new Saab 9-5, there’s a fair bit of Volvo comparative work going on.

This is a good writeup and they evaluate the other Swede quite favourably and very fairly. But this bit made me giggle:

In short, the 9-5 feels a bit like every Volvo sedan. It has a lightweight feeling (but it isn’t at about 4300 pounds) of an S40, the performance of an S60, and the passenger space of an S80.

That was the V6 Aero they were driving. If they felt it was as light as an S40, then they should drive the 2.0T. They’ll feel like they’re on one of those old Husqvarna mopeds!

And if the S40 is as ‘light’ as the V6 Aero Saab, then the S80 must be like driving a barge!

btw, this isn’t to say that the V6 doesn’t drive light, it just doesn’t drive nearly as light as the 2.0T.

Thanks to Basas for the link, via comments.

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