Team Brodd video from Kvarnturen 2010

I’m woefully under qualified to comment on anything to do with the Swedish Super Cup Rally circuit, but I really enjoyed this cockpit video posted on YouTube a few hours ago.

It apparently depicts Mikael Brodd and Fredrik Adolfsson navigating the rally course around Motala, Sweden in their Saab 9-3 rally car in the rally’s final stages this past Saturday.   Unfortunately, it appears that Team Brodd did not finish this stage.

I think that the video captures the essence of rallying from a driver’s point of view as well as any other.


A few notes:

1.  Team Brodd fields a normally aspirated Saab 9-3 to compete in the 2-wheel-drive classification.  That’s a departure from typical Saab motor sport entries.

2.  The “results” page seems to specify Ethanol fuel.

3.  Team Brodd refers to their 9-3 as a 9-3 “kit car” because it was originally a NG900 equipped with a turbocharged power plant and, over time, they’ve replaced enough parts that it’s now a naturally-aspirated 9-3.

4.  The video is posted by a user calling themselves “volvo940voc”.  Click at your own risk.

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