Teeing off on TIME ad

Sorry. The picture looks great, but eventually people are going to read the text, too.


People in the US are now reporting Saab ad sightings all over the place, which is good to hear. Personally, though, I’d like to take issue with the text of this ad, which was scanned from Time Magazine by Justin B. (Thanks!)

Full ad first, followed by text only, below. Click.

Maybe it’s just me. It probably is, actually. But I find that text to be half full of vague one-liners that do very little of what an ad is supposed to do – tell us about the car!!

What the heck does “boldly unexpected” mean??? Was that thought up by some aspiring MadMan who liked the idea of “unexpected” but figured it wasn’t quite enough? Is there anything in the world that’s ever been “boldly unexpected”?

And as for the “when different is your dance partner” and “you already knew that” stuff. It’s smug, uninformative BS that says nothing about the car or the customer who might buy it. I felt embarassed reading it.

I’d advise Saab’s ad people to check the company’s demographics. Saab’s customers are educated. They know the meaning of words, they enjoy the features that make their cars different and crucially, thanks to GM – and especially for the former customers that Saab are trying to win back – they have very sensitive BS detectors.

Again, I’m feeling a little sorry about having to write this, but this is such an important time for Saab and you can’t let people put out drivel without at least making them think about it.

Please – show your potential customers some respect.

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