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Waiting period for Saab 9-5

Swedish text news are stating that despite Saab lifting their production rate to 300 cars per day, the waiting period for someone who orders a new Saab built to specifications is currently around 8 to 10 weeks.

Production is now at a higher rate from the 220 cars per day Saab were building last month, but it’s taken longer than expected to do this thanks to supplier issues (which have apparently affected Volvo too).

Saab 9-3 refresh photochopped have an image on video of that they think is the refreshed Saab 9-3. I don’t speak Dutch, so I can’t make head nor tail of the video, but I assume it’s their own take on what might happen rather than the real thing.

This new version is the one that’s expected in the 2011 model year, one that we heard some more details about earlier this week. It’s a refresh of the current 9-3, which is due for replacement late 2012.


I’d like to welcome Saabworld to the internets.

As I’m well aware from my own recent attempts, running a Saab forum is no small affair, so I wish Wulf et al all the best in their new endeavour. Frequenters of SaabCentral will notice more than just a few familiar names there.

On future Saab technology

From a great story on Wards Auto:

Released of GM ownership, Saab is now free to buy whatever technology it wants from whomever it wants, Muller says. “We will work with partners we want to work with.”

He adds: “We will probably never develop our own engines. We’ll buy those. But we’ll tune them as Saab engines.”

Completely understandable. Developing engines is hideously expensive. Tuning them will be Saab’s speciality and it’s a fine one to have – as long as you’ve got free reign to transform them however you like. Hopefully that freedom will be written into whatever contract Saab negotiate.

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And a 900 racer….

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